This Is Sparta!

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As a previous Spartan Racer myself, we’re proud to say that we’re participating in the “CHARITY CHALLENGE” Spartan Sprint located in Killington, Vermont on September 21st 2014! With mental and physical challenges like no other, we’ll be running up mountainous hills for 4.5 miles that are over 3x the size of the Empire State Building, climbing our way over 10 foot walls (that’s almost DOUBLE my size!), and treading through waist-deep mud — all because we believe in giving back any way that we can (and we also get a really awesome “special edition” yellow medal).

A portion of every members’ registration fees are donated to the charity of our choice. We’ll also be fundraising on our own through our company Twitter/Facebook, as well as our own personal pages.

We’ll be sure to post our muddiest and funniest pictures after the event!

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