Who We Are

Orphan Drug Solutions provides data management software that allows for specific customizations dependent upon your company’s exact needs. If you’re able to increase efficiency and streamline workflow processes, we’ve succeeded. It’s not only our goal to help manufacturers successfully launch new drugs, but to help you take care of your most important stakeholders — your patients.

In an industry where every minute counts, let us save you some time


Why Us?

Most software packages, such as SAAS models, are pre-customized to pertain to the largest audience possible (or the first few clients). At ODS, we take the extra steps needed to learn the ins and outs of your company. By customizing our solution around your needs, you’re able to make improvements whenever you see fit. We feel that “custom” doesn’t necessarily have to take “forever” to build — we’ll have you up and running  in a timely fashion. Our biggest perk is, unlike SAAS models, you own the software (and code)!

Rest easy knowing you own the software and code

Our niche

While our software solutions can be customized for various industries, we have found our little niche in the orphan drug market. Our solutions have, and will continue, to help orphan drug companies manage their data in the most efficient way possible, increase productivity, and ultimately, make their patient relationships better than ever.