ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Winning

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Social media has made some pretty ridiculous trends popular over the last few years, but let’s face it — we all love ridiculous. Our culture thrives on shock value and we all love sharing it with our friends online. But, social media has brought us a new trend that actually made a difference. It’s addicting, it’s viral, it’s unavoidable¬†— the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The Ice Bucket Challenge started out with just one single person posting a silly video of themselves dumping a bucket of ice water on their heads and challenging their friends to the same cold fate OR to donate $100.00 to the ALS Association. Many people now are completing the challenge AND donating the money. And even though it might seem flat out ridiculous that people are posting videos of themselves doing this, people love ridiculous and shocking .. people love something that’s out of the ordinary .. and people love to either love or hate the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! But, all media is good media, and it’s making an impact in a huge way.

Whether you see people posting their videos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, every single person (with a computer) in the world knows what this is, and it’s spreading FAST.¬†Around this time last year, The ALS Association had raised an estimated $200,000. This year, the foundation has now received $31,500,000.00. Big difference – Huh?!

I’ve been watching random people’s videos and different celebrities complete the challenge, but I came across this young man’s video and I gotta say, none of the other ones got me quite like this. Carbajal, who’s grandmother passed away from ALS and has been taking care of his mother who was diagnosed while in high school, was diagnosed himself a few months ago at the frighteningly young age of 26. He’s super silly in the beginning of the video, prancing around his driveway in a hot pink bikini pretending to wash a car (haha!). But, once the laughing’s over, he hits you with the hard, cold reality of what ALS is actually about.

Make sure you watch all six minutes of his video because, guaranteed, you’ll feel as touched as I did and will want to share it for all to see.



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