Google Announces New Project That Could Detect Cancer

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Googled unveiled an interesting futuristic project at the WSJD Live conference that could someday embed nanoparticles in your bloodstream to detect diseases like cancer.

The goal behind the GoogleX lab project is to develop a system that doctors can rely on for all of our tests. You would swallow a pill with nanoparticles, which would then bind themselves to cells in your body in order to scan for irregularities. A wearable device would then collect data from the particles and report it right to your doctor.

While this concept is extremely fascinating and a huge medical/technology breakthrough, an advisor to the project suggested that it is at least give to seven years away from market.

Thankfully, Google has promised not to use nanoparticle data for marketing. In fact — Google doesn’t even plan on storing the data, they will license the technology to others to manage instead. Imagine logging onto your email only to see ads for lowing your high blood pressure!

Earlier this year Google also shared details about a contact lens project that could measure glucose levels for diabetic patients. In July, the company announced a partnership with Novartis to turn the research into an actual project!

Projects like these make me SO excited to see what else could possibly be in the pipeline! Maybe some Inspector Gadget arms are on the horizon!

Please feel free to check out the full article at The Next Web

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