Why SAAS Models Are Not Our Future

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At first glance, a SAAS model may appear to be a solid option to streamline your workflow. But, you need to be sure you’re comparing apples to apples when it comes to the SAAS guys and us– does the SAAS model have all the features that the software solutions has and if not, are the missing features important to you?

I’ve been reading up quite a bit on SAAS models – what exactly they are, how popular they are in the orphan drug market, and what they have to offer. Upon my research, I discovered a pretty common trend amongst all of the different articles that I read. While they have some good qualities, overall, SAAS models are not a good solution in the long run!

Below are some of the main negative points that I found about SAAS models. Then, below each con, is how our company excels in each of those areas.

To Customize or Not to Customize – That is the Question

All SAAS models are created with the general market’s needs in mind – not your specific needs. Once the model is created, a few updated versions will come out, but only with the changes that the majority of the market needs. It can never be customized to exactly what you need to streamline your workflow.

With Orphan Drug Solutions, we have a jump start on other software development companies. The basics of the software are already built and all we need to complete it is your customizations. Whether it be an extra menu that helps organize something your company specifically needs or adding a new button that simply make a certain page look more like what you want, we can do it. Your software can either be just like most of the others out there or it can be completely different – the choice is yours!

The Cost

Did you know that licensing with a SAAS model is more expensive in the long run? While they have lower costs upfront, over the years the total cost is inclined to be more expensive – mainly because they have “pay as you go” contracts. Studies have shown that the cost of three or four years of annual SAAS payments are comparable to the cost of buying your own software license that can be tweaked to your liking.

We work with you in the developmental stages to understand what you’re looking for and then execute the end result. We also offer training and post-completion customer support — all at a fair cost. With our software solutions, once the product has been completely developed, you own the source code and you don’t have to pay to simply continue to use it.

Long Term Relationships

The SAAS market is awash with startup companies, and some will inevitably fail. What happens to all of your data, your carefully orchestrated business processes, and the time that you’ve invested in learning/using this tool if your service provider goes under or — if you need to change your SAAS model vendor for some other reason? Integrating your data from one model to another can be tricky – losing your data would be devastating.

Orphan Drug Solutions is founded by the owner of Light Speed Solutions, Akesh Gupta, who has been developing software for a variety of industries for over 20 years (Nestle, Dicks Sporting Goods, AT&T, law firms, taxi service companies, etc etc etc!). But, when he created a solution for one of the top manufacturers in the orphan drug market, he knew this is where he wanted to stay. While Orphan Drug Solutions is relatively new, the backend business definitely is not. We offer security and a piece of mind.

User Roles in Your Company

Since SAAS models are pre-built to appease the general market, that means that the user roles and security inside the model are preset to appease the general market, as well. If you have multiple teams that should have access to different levels of information, there’s no way to have that internal security implemented.

Since our products are customized to what you want, you can make endless users with endless accessibility roles in the software. Whether you have different levels of management that need to overlook their team members’ work or employees that should only have access to their own workload, we can do that for you with ease.


In a nutshell, it really seems like SAAS models are built to cater to the masses with no real investment value. A quick fix, if you will. It’s crazy to think so many companies out there use SAAS models, but I think it’s because they don’t know any better — they don’t know how high they could raise the bar for their standards. I’ve used different applications made in-house by our own developers for years and even customized my own program, and I gotta tell you — I could never imagine overseeing my day-to-day operations without it!

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